Vow Keeper™

Lovebirds and love doves are popular little wedding favors, our One and Only Original 

Vow Keeper™ lovebirds and love doves, offer their very own gift for the Bride and Groom to share their vows with the Wedding/Bridal party.


 Vow Keeper™ lovebirds and love doves, insure that your wedding vows will last forever. They offer you an opportunity to remind each other of you vows, and to discuss them in a very healthy non-confrontational manner.


The secret of how to use  Vow Keeper™ lovebirds and love doves, to keep your wedding vows will be revealed for Valentine's Day 2018, to anyone that owns a Vow Keeper™ lovebird love dove and registers them with us, by either emailing vowkeepers@twc.com, the information required on the registration form include with your Vow Keeper™ lovebirds, love doves. Or filling in the registration form and mailing it to us.


Each set consists of a pair of Vow Keeper™ lovebirds, love doves, they are glazed ceramic and available in gold or silver colors. They are wrapped in a sheer organza bag with the

Vow Keeper™ Trademark.


When ordering, please make clear which color you want, you can even mix colors in a set, and how many sets you want. Minimum purchase is one set. Please call us for price reductions on purchases of more than eight set.

Each set (pair) of Vow Keeper™ lovebirds and love doves is $6.00 plus shipping, payment is by PayPal (which has a great Purchase Protection plan) On top of that we will refund any charges minus actual shipping costs if you are unsatisfied with our  Vow Keeper™ lovebirds and love doves.

Order your Vow Keeper™ lovebirds, love doves, by calling 475-422-5683 or should you prefer to dial 475-422-LOVE. Or emailing vowkeeper@twc.com

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